What type of supervision is offered and how much does it cost?

The model of supervision offered by Simon at WVC is person centred. Effective supervision should enhance the professional development of the supervisee and promote the welfare of the client. Simon emphasises the importance of forming respectful and professional relationships with his supervisees which are collaborative in nature and which have at their core a deep commitment to nurturing and developing the therapeutic relationship. Supervision costs £50 per hour and it is usual for accreditation requirements to complete one and a half hours per month (£75). This may not always be necessary and it does vary depending on the professional organisation and other situations such as students on placements where supervision may also be partially covered elsewhere. I see clients on a one-to-one basis in my counselling room or on Zoom or telephone.

Iím interested, what should I do next?

Contact Simon on 07795 095524 or email An initial meeting can be arranged which is an opportunity to see whether supervisor and supervisee/s are able to work together practically, professionally and personally.